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Catherine 18.07.2019 11:58
How long and under what conditions can pellets be stored?

Pellets for stoves can be stored in closed spaces, in the street or in special tanks, the main thing being to prevent the granules from getting wet. The temperature regime does not matter - the fuel is also well preserved in cold weather and summer heat.

In the premises (garages, sheds, warehouses), it is necessary to equip special pallets or lockers made of wood, plastic or metal. In this case, the bags will not come into contact with the concrete floor or the floor covering and the pellets will not become wet.

In the street, the rules for storing pellets depend on the season. In winter, pellet bags can be stored directly in the snow. During the hot season, containers containing fuel pellets must be protected from direct sunlight - they can destroy the integrity of the polypropylene containers, which in turn will result in the formation of wet granules. As in the room, you should put the bags on pallets and floors in wood or metal. Any waterproof coating is suitable to protect from rain - slate sheets, tarpaulin, plastic film. Even if the pellets are wet, do not be discouraged - after drying, the wood dust can be mixed with whole pellets in a ratio of 20:80 (such a mixture burns perfectly in pellet boilers).

Sealed plastic and metal silos can store fuel pellets year-round. For convenience, the bunker and the heating system are connected by means of a screw, through which the pellets are conveyed directly to the boiler. It is important that the length of the screw does not exceed 10 meters, otherwise the granules are ground into powder and sintered in the burner, which can cause a shutdown of the boiler.

Julie 18.07.2019 11:58
What is the order procedure?

You call us, we discuss the details of the pellets and the conditions of delivery, then we charge and send the pellets after the payment.

Gilles 18.07.2019 11:58
How can I know the final cost of my order?

Call us for more of detailes +33 673 64-84-50

Nathalie 18.07.2019 11:57
Why is it profitable to use pellets instead of traditional heat sources?

Because it's economical and ecological

Philippe 18.07.2019 11:57
Can I use pellets without a special stove?

No, pellets are only used with special stoves

Marie 18.07.2019 11:57
Why can pellets be of different colors?

Because different types of wood are used. In addition, the color of the granules may depend on the period of the year of their manufacture.

Michel 18.07.2019 11:57
What are the pellets made of?

Exclusively from wood chips, nothing more.

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Our warehouse
4 Zone Industrielles, 88700 Rambervillers