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Litter for animals in bags 15 kg.

Pellets have long been used in Germany, Austria and the Benelux countries. They absorb odors, four times more moisture than sawdust and twelve times faster than straw. The use of pellets as a litter saves time on stable maintenance. In addition, it is useful for horses: buffering pellets stimulates blood circulation in the soles of the feet. Another advantage of the pellets is that they rot in compost in just five to six weeks.
The litter used is a good fertilizer for the soil.
The stall (9 m2) is filled with approximately 130-150 kg (8-10 mesh, 15 kg each), while the litter layer measures 6-7 cm. During use, pellets accumulate liquid and lint. This usually happens on the third day of use. In the stall, a litter of tyrsa is obtained with a layer up to 15 cm. This litter greatly reduces working time, as cleaning is all about regular collection of inflated bedding and pellets and leveling with a fork. After one week of litter use, instead of inflated pellets, new ones are poured.
The life span of such a litter is about 6 months. After that, all the old litter is removed and a new batch is filled.
All pellets are heat treated, which prevents the spread of various diseases.

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