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Pini Kay briquettes have a high heating value between 4900 and 5.100 kcal / kg. This is many times more than the calorific value of ordinary firewood, as well as RUF fuel briquettes. So, we get more heat, with less fuel - briquettes.
The burning time is much higher than that of simple firewood and, in addition, fuel briquettes cover a very long time. For example, in ovens where the airflow can be controlled, the Pini Kay can burn up to 3 hours. Such a low combustion rate increases the time interval for the application of briquettes in the oven. And it is very practical! Thus, we get a fairly comfortable temperature at a lower frequency of refueling.
The combustion of PiniKay is not accompanied by a huge amount of smoke and sparks like ordinary firewood. This, of course, will protect the room from a possible fire.
They ignite very quickly because of low humidity. You can use the ignition fluid.
Do not leave a lot of ashes. The ash content of Pini Kay is between 0.2 and 2.5%.
Ease of use. No need to pre-dry and prepare, such as firewood. In addition, no special equipment is required for use.
Reasonable price.
Save storage space. Because of the high density and uniformity of Pini Kay surfaces, they can be stacked in multiple rows without the use of additional surfaces.
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