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RUF briquettes

The main advantage of RUF briquettes is that the combustion temperature is 1.5 to 2 times higher than that of firewood. At a moisture content of 20%, the calorific value of wood is between 2500 and 2700 kcal / kg and the briquette between 4500 and 4900 kcal / kg.

RUF fuel briquettes (euro firewood) can be used on a daily basis for the oven of stoves, solid fuel boilers, fireplaces, heating houses, chalets, greenhouses, warehouses. The use of TB-RUF not only allows a long lasting, hot stable, high heat dissipation, but also does not harm the environment and the emission of carbon monoxide. TB-RUF, unlike coal or firewood, requires much less oxygen in slow combustion mode. Therefore, after obtaining stable combustion, it is recommended to fix the position of the registers and grids. It is likely that the shutter will be closed as much as possible and that the door will block the chimney by more than half.

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4 Zone Industrielles, 88700 Rambervillers