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Nestro briquettes

Combustible or euro-wood briquettes are an excellent alternative to ordinary wood. It is an environmentally friendly fuel that can be used in all stoves, fireplaces, boilers, etc. Fuel briquettes far outweigh firewood: in terms of heat transfer, amount of ash, moisture, volume. European woods are produced by squeezing sawdust or previously dried wood flour (dust) without the addition of foreign binders. The product is made durable by bonding the material with the natural lignin-based material in the wood. No glue is added to the briquettes. The humidity of the briquettes is very low, less than 7%. They ignite easily and produce a lot of heat. Due to the high density (1 kg / dm3), fuel briquettes burn and burn for up to 6 hours. Euro-woods can be heated immediately after the acquisition without loss of heat. They are easy to store: packages stack well and take up very little space. If you need eurowood for the chimney, then Nestro briquettes will be a good choice. They burn perfectly in the chimney and look like neat cylindrical firewood.

Fuel briquettes outperform conventional firewood in many ways:
a) heat transfer (2 times), 1 ton of fuel briquettes is replaced by 5 cubic meters. birch firewood of natural moisture;
b) the duration of the combustion (3 times), with appropriate blow briquettes burn up to 6 hours;
c) the quantity of ash (10 times less), the ash content of the briquettes is only 1%;
d) occupied volume (5 times less), 1 t of briquettes occupies only 1 m3 of space;
e) Lack of dirt and waste.

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